Awards and Highlights

2021-22 Awards and Highlights

Team Accomplishments

Girls Soccer - Undefeated Cluster Champs
Girls Volleyball - Undefeated Cluster Champs

County Track Championship Results

Girls 100m - Morgan Campbell: 7th place
Boys 1600M - Brett Sellers: 5th place
Girls 4x100m relay - Taylor Smith, Morgan Campbell, Faith Stephens, Amaris Henderson: 5th place
Girls Shot Put - Kyana Thompson: 2nd place
Girls Shot Put - Caden Leath: 5th place

Individual Awards

Athlete of the Year
Boys - Canden McGatha
Girls - Makayla White

Most Valuable Player (MVP)
Soccer (Boys) - Tanner Stewart
Soccer (Girls) - Sydney Chandler
Volleyball (Boys) - Riley Burger
Volleyball (Girls) - Jordan Southall
Basketball (Boys) - James Nowells
Basketball (Girls) - Makayla White
Track (Boys) - Brett Sellers
Track (Girls) - Kyanna Thompson