Student Property Retrieval Information

Student Property Retrieval Information
Posted on 05/14/2020
Student Property Retrieval InformationAll Grade Retrieval Schedule

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Next week is scheduled for property retrieval. This means that on specific days and times next week you will need to drive your child to school to pick up any personal property that they left here. Mr. Campbell, Ms. Ius and I had the pleasure of cleaning out the PE lockers and bagging all of the contents of the lockers for your children. This items will be ready on the retrieval days. However, if your child changed lockers without logging it with their PE coaches they will not be able to collect their belongings unless they can tell us the locker number and the contents of the locker.

If your child has left anything on campus that they can’t live without over the summer, please email me personally at [email protected] and I will try to find it for them. When you email me, please let me know the child’s name, the item that needs to be retrieved and the location of the item and I will do my best to find it.

If your child has anything at home that they need to return to school, this is the time to do it. Some examples are, library books, instruments, uniforms, etc. All items must be returned in a sealed bag with your child’s name, student number and teacher they are returning the item to on the bag. Please have your child check their email for specific instructions from teachers if necessary.

Drivers are to drive to the station where WLMS employees will be, roll down their window, inform the staff the name of the student and their items will be retrieved. There will be bins at these stations to drop off anything that students need to return here.

This is NOT the time to turn in laptops. They county has not yet decided on laptop retrieval and students will need them until the last day of school.  Again, this is NOT the time to turn in laptops.

Any medicine that needs to be picked up will be done on May 28th and 29th.

The only yearbook update that we currently have is that they will be running late. Lifetouch, the company we use was temporarily shut down to print face shields for healthcare workers. They are back running but not at full capacity. As soon as we know anything else, I promise I will let you know.

You can find a very detailed schedule of property retrieval on our website and on social media. This is organized by grade level and the first TWO letters of the student’s last name.  Please do not come unless it is your designated time. We are not able to have more than a certain amount of people on campus at a time.