Band Handbook

Wolf Lake Middle School

Band Handbook
 Contact Information  Welcome to the Performing Arts Department!
 Mr. Charles Kelly
[email protected]
 (407) 464-3317 ext 529-2207

Welcome to the Wolf Lake Middle School Band Program!  You have chosen to be a part of a family of students passionate about learning and performing.  The quality of the Wolf Lake Band will be the result of the hard work, passion, and dedication that students, teachers, and parents will give to the program! 
After reading the handbook, there are two forms for you to fill out: the Statement of Understanding, a contract signed by the student and parent/ guardian, and the Parent Volunteer Form. These forms are attached to this document. All forms should be returned by Friday, August 25th, 2022.  Please keep the calendar available so that you know what is happening in the band throughout the year! 
The education of your child is a team effort among students, teachers, and parents.  Each part of that team needs to feel the support of the other two to ensure a productive and positive learning environment.  I am very interested in developing a strong core of parent volunteers who will collaborate together and work hard for all of the students in the Band Program. All parents will have the opportunity to volunteer at some time during the year as their schedule permits.   
I am dedicated to making sure each child can achieve their best in one of the most enjoyable and accessible windows of the arts - MUSIC!  This will be a year with many events and memorable activities.  By working together, we can make it an outstanding year! 
Charles Kelly
What to Expect in the WLMS Band Program: 

A safe and supportive environment
A place to grow in your sense of musical identity
A culture of traditions, values and shared successes
A classroom environment where you are safe to grow in your musical skills 

In-Band, your students will be learning a variety of skills that meet the county, state, and national standards for music education. It is essential that all students have a basic understanding of music on an academic level.   

Students will learn to: 
Play their instrument with confidence as a group member and in small groups 
Play using appropriate, healthy physical posture
Read music with independence and confidence 
Demonstrate knowledge of music as a written language by reading and writing music 
Learn about music theory and history 
Perform music in a variety of styles 

BAND SUPPLY LIST 2023 - 2024



Band Locker - Provided by Band Fee - School Issued Locks Only  

Band Instrument

- Family Owned Instruments OR
- Rental from a local vendor (info on the following page) OR
- Rental of school instruments are available for $50 per year (limited supplies, please check with Mr. Kelly)

Band Uniform

- Band Polo (included in the $50.00 Band Fee)
- Students will not receive there band polo or spirit shirt until $25 of the fee has been paid.
- These items are needed to perform in concerts.
- Purchased Separately
- Completely Black Dress Pants
- Completely Black Socks
- Completely Black Closed-Toe Dress Shoes

BEGINNING BANDs (Periods 3, 4, and 5)

Musical Supplies
- Measures of Success Book 1 (Purchase from Local Music Stores or Comes with Instrument Rental)  
- Brass Players:
- Trumpet, Euphonium/Baritone, and Tuba: Valve Oil and Slide Cream/Grease
- Horn - Rotor Oil
- Trombone - Slide Cream 
- Woodwinds Players:
-Clarinets and Saxophones: Reeds Size 2.5 or 3 (Must Have Three At All Times)

School Supplies

- 3 Ring Black 1 inch Binder for music and handouts
- 25-50 Sheet Protectors
- Pencils

WIND ENSEMBLE (1st Period) - CONCERT BAND (2nd Period) - Jazz Band (6th Period)

Musical Supplies
- Method Book (Provided with Band Fee)
- Students will not get their book until at least $10 of the band fee is paid. 
- Brass Players:
- Trumpet, Euphonium/Baritone, and Tuba: Valve Oil and Slide Cream/Grease
- Horn - Rotor Oil
- Trombone - Slide Cream 
- Woodwinds Players:
-Clarinets and Saxophones: Reeds Size 2.5 or 3 (Must Have Three At All Times)

School Supplies

- 3 Ring Black 1 inch Binder for music and handouts
- 25-50 Sheet Protectors
- Pencils 


Musical Supplies for First Year Percussion Students (2nd and 5th Period)

- Vic Firth Intermediate Education Pack
- This can be purchased from Amazon, Music & Arts, or the Band Room
- The mallets, sticks, and stick bag should be labeled with the student's name
- Practice Pad - The pad should be at least 10 - 12 inches. See Link Below (labeled with student's name)
- Small Black Hand Towel (labeled with the students name on the tag of towel)
- Method Book will be provided once the student has paid the band fee 

Musical Supplies for Second or Third Year Percussion Students (1st and 2nd Period)

- All items listed above for First Year Students should already be purchased
- 2 sets of matching medium yarn mallets from the following:
- Innovative Percussion Fundamental Series 1.5
- Mallet Tech Medium Marimba Mallets
- Vic Firth M3
- All of these mallets can be purchased from
- One Pair of the Following Snare Drum Sticks for Drum Set
- Promark TXR5AN
- Promark Hickory 5A Nylon Tip
- Promark Hickory 5A Wood Tip
- All of these mallets can be purchased from

Vendor List

Band Room
(407) 897-7080
3233 Curry Ford Road
Orlando, FL 32806


Vic Firth Intermediate Pack

Practice Pad

Music & Arts
(407) 321-4750
1673 WP Ball Blvd.
Sanford, FL 32771

Students in the beginning band classes (3rd, 4th, and 5th) do not need to rent instruments until they receive their instrument selection form from Mr. Kelly.


In addition to being an academic course, Band is also performance-based.  There will be several concerts throughout the year that your student will be required to attend. All of these concerts and performances will be exciting and enriching performances for your students.  There will also be supplemental performances at community events, holiday celebrations, and school spirit events.  Your student will be able to participate in or audition for Solo and Ensemble, All-County, and All-State.  These events are for students that wish to go above and beyond the standard curriculum. 

Uniforms and Band Fees 
All students are responsible for obtaining their class uniform. All fees should be paid by no later than September 1st. This can be via cash, check (made out to WLMS Band), or paid online at 

Band Fee: $50 Yearly Fee
This will provide your student with their Polo for their uniform, band spirit shirt, class notebook, and music throughout the year. These students are still responsible for providing their own black dress shoes, black dress socks, black dress pants, and black belts. Tennis shoes, jeans, and leggings are inappropriate concert attire and will not be allowed during performances. 

Instrument Rental Fee: $50 Yearly Fee
For students who are unable to rent an instrument from a local music store, and as supply lasts, students can rent an instrument from the school. Students will still be responsible for getting mouthpieces, reeds, and any other instrument accessories. Students will need to pay this fee before August 28th. If students have not paid this fee by that time, students will not be able to take instruments home to practice, which will ultimately result in their grade lowering due to them not being able to practice for passoffs. 

No student will be denied participation in the band should cost present a financial hardship.  If this is the case, please contact Mr. Kelly.  Please note that all information is confidential.

Classroom Responsibilities and Expectations



  • Call or email if you are going to be absent.
  • Let Ms. Hammac know well in advance about any schedule conflicts.
  • If you would like some extra help, communicate with Mr. Kelly or those who are brought in to help


Attend All Rehearsals and Performances

  • Be at all rehearsals and performances on time…be present and ready to play!
  • Being absent from a rehearsal or performance affects the entire team. When even one member of a performing ensemble is gone the total musical experience is diminished for all. Attendance at rehearsals is essential. Attendance at all scheduled performances and concerts is mandatory. If you have conflicts because you are incredibly well rounded and involved in multiple school activities, please let me know as soon as you recognize a schedule conflict.


Respect Property and Each Other

  • Each student deserves a safe environment with a culture of support and trust
  • Respect the space and the amazing equipment we have been given.
  • Candy, food, gum and drinks are not permitted in the band room, practice/ ensemble rooms, or any space that we have rehearsals or performances in.
  • Do not fold, tear, or damage music. You are encouraged to create musical markings in your music, however, always use pencil, not ink!
  • Respect the right of others to learn, and the teacher to teach by not causing an interruption to the rehearsal.
  • Be positive and willing to help your band family members.
  • Create a culture of safety and empowerment.
  • We are an Ensemble that must work together to achieve our goals


Execute Rehearsal Procedures

  • Be in your seat, prepared and ready to make music when the bell rings.
  • Have your music binder and a pencil with you at every rehearsal.
  • Always sit in your correct assigned seat
  • Cell phones should be turned OFF and put away in the band room during rehearsal.
  • Be in the moment and enjoy your music making!
  • Have a willing attitude, everyone can learn to play and instrument, but it will take time and individual effort.
  • Always come to class ready to be better than the day before and support your classmates in their learning process.


Discipline Plan for those that forget to C.A.R.E.:  

  • Warning (this could include verbal, non-verbal or written warnings)
  • Conference with the student and director to develop a plan for solving the problem.
  • Phone call/conference with parent or guardian.
  • Referral to an administrator.

How do I earn my grade in Band?


Point Scale:

  • 500 = Performances (In-School and Out of School)
  • 50 = Completed Passoffs
  • 25 = Weekly Passoff Attempts
  • 20 = Written Assignments
  • 25 = Weekly Participation and Preparedness


Performances outside of the school day are graded as part of the curriculum. Please see the Band Calendar for events and assignments. Performances are the largest grades of the 9 weeks, when they have concerts. If a performance is added to the schedule a minimum of 4 weeks notice will be given.   



 Rehearsal Participation & Contribution:

Grades are earned by meeting the Classroom Responsibilities and Expectations.  Students can earn points weekly for putting forth their best effort and for contributing to the productivity of the rehearsal.  By working together as an ensemble and maintaining an energized focus, we can achieve a high standard of musicianship that will define Wolf Lake’s Band. 


Points can be deducted for each occurrence of the following:

  • Tardiness
  • Talking when they are not supposed to
  • Chewing gum
  • Not playing their instrument or not having their instrument
  • Not actively participating
  • Disrespectful attitude towards students, teachers, guests, or administrators
  • Poor playing posture
  • Missing music
  • Causing distraction
  • Other things that may be added at the discretion of the director


Band is a co-curricular performance-based class.  Therefore, band students must attend rehearsals and performances beyond regular school hours. Every effort will be made to advise you of any changes to the announced rehearsal schedule well in advance so that you may plan your time effectively. These extra rehearsals will be kept to a minimum to be respectful of your time.

Reasons why attendance at rehearsals is important:


  • Students will gain new information
  • Rehearsal is part of an ongoing development of one’s physical and mental conditioning
  • Every member of an ensemble must be present to work on blend, balance, and precision
  • The group will not have to waste rehearsal time teaching the material from the previous rehearsal.
  • The morale of the group is uplifted.
  • The culture of the ensemble is built and reinforced.
  • The community creates a possibility of flow
  • The student missing a rehearsal can fall out of touch with the group’s goals.
  • We may have a guest clinician come in to work on new techniques not yet addressed in a regular class.


ABSENCE FROM REHEARSAL:  band students will not be excused from rehearsals except in cases of extreme emergency or illness.  Work, appointments, detention, meetings, homework, vacations, etc. will not be valid excuses for missing a rehearsal. A written note from the parent/ guardian is due upon the student’s return from any excused absence due to an emergency. A doctor’s note is due upon the student’s return from any excused absence due to illness. If you anticipate an unavoidable absence from rehearsal, please submit a written request to the director for approval two weeks before the absence.  Those on athletic teams/clubs should communicate their practice/game/meeting schedule with Mr. Kelly before the season begins to find a workable compromise.  I am thrilled to have students involved in many activities at Wolf Lake and believe strongly that you should have the opportunity to participate in all you can!  Communication is the key!


Performance Attendance and Contribution: Grades are earned by being present, on time, in proper uniform, and participating positively and fully.  Points can be deducted for each occurrence of the following: tardiness, not in a full band uniform, inappropriate behavior, or lack of musical focus. Mark your calendars now for the concerts and MPA dates which are the required performances in the band. Please do not plan a vacation during school time; missing classes and concerts can have a negative effect on your musician’s grade.  If getting a ride to these performances might be a problem, arrange a ride you can count on, or let Mr. Kelly know at least a week in advance so that she can help you find a ride.  There are 250 kids in the band, chances are one lives near you! 

Reasons why attendance at performances is IMPORTANT:

  • Students will see the result of months of hard work
  • Students will create memorable memories
  • Every student is vital to the success of the performance. There are NO substitutes that can tag in to play their part. Missing a performance negatively impacts the group, as throughout the rehearsal process we balance and blend with every member of the ensemble.


ABSENCE FROM PERFORMANCE:  Performances are a large part of the student’s band grade. Any absence which is not brought to the Director’s attention for approval two weeks prior to the performance will be considered unexcused.  Unexcused absences from performances result in a zero for that grade.  Students with an excused absence from performance may make up that part of their grade by completing a project agreed upon by the director.  If you anticipate an unavoidable absence from the performance this year, please submit a written request to the director for approval right away. 


Any excuse given within two weeks of performance (with the exception of emergencies) will be considered unexcused.  In the case of an emergency, parents should call the band office at 407-464-3317 ext 5292207.


Quizzes and Assignments 

A student's overall grade will be an average of the grades for all written and oral quizzes and assignments.  Some examples of this might include music theory assignments, playing tests, music writing prompts, music dictation, and composition. The purpose of these activities is to reinforce concepts that have been identified through band music. Students will be given the opportunity to complete passoffs in person in class or before school on specific days or they can record a passoff and upload it on Canvas.


EXTRA CREDIT!  Students can earn extra credit for attending ANY performing arts event on or off our campus.  Just bring in the program and briefly tell me about your experience!

- 8th Graders in the fall can complete an “Apopka Marching Band Scavenger Hunt” by going to a rehearsal at AHS and completing the tasks on the sheet. 
For a copy of the Band Handbook click here.