Band Handbook

Wolf Lake Middle School

Band Handbook
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Welcome to the Wolf Lake Middle School Band! The Wolf Pack Band has upheld a tradition of excellence since its inception.  In that time, the band has consistently earned high ratings at Florida Bandmasters Association Music Assessments.  Our concerts have been of the finest quality, well attended and entertaining.  We strive to continue the tradition of excellence. Annually, qualified Band Members from WLMS represent us at Community Events, FBA All-State Band, FBA Solo-Ensemble and Concert Music Assessments. 

At WLMS, the students have the opportunity to take Beginning Band, Symphonic band, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble and Jazz Band.  Beginning band is where most first year students start.  There is no experience necessary to be in this class and it is open to students in grades 6-8.  In Beginning Band, students will learn the fundamentals of music reading and how to play an instrument.  Symphonic Band consists of mostly second year students.  Students wanting to be in this class must play 7 of their major scales for the band director.  Wind Ensemble is our top concert band class and is only open to 7th and 8th graders.  Students wanting to be in this class must perform and audition consisting of their 12 major scales and sight-reading for the band director.  Another offering is Jazz Band; this is also an audition-based class.  The final band class is Percussion Ensemble.  This is a group of students with at least one year of musical training or private lessons.  Both Jazz Band and Percussion Class can be taken by students in addition to instrument ensembles. 


All band students are responsible for the reading and adherence to the OCPS Code of Student Conduct, the Wolf Lake Middle School Student Rules and the WLMS Band Handbook.

Basic Expectations

  • No Gum, Food or Beverage is allowed in the band room. Keep the band facility neat, orderly, and free of litter.
  • For security reasons, non-band students are not allowed in the band room.
  • Students are expected to enter the band room in an orderly manner, and to be in their seats and quiet by the time the Band Director begins class (about 3 min. after the tardy bell).Students are not to leave their seats without permission until they are dismissed.
  • There is to be no talking during rehearsal. Students with questions should raise their hands. Do not distract others with inappropriate behavior.
  • Students are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances and be on time, with a positive attitude and be prepared. Practice regularly at home (at least 60 minutes per week).
  • Keep instrument and equipment in performance condition and keep up with and be responsible for the music and equipment issued to you. Students should come to class with their instrument or sticks/mallets, music, pencil (on music stand) and all accessories in class.
  • Any instrument or equipment not belonging to or specifically assigned to you is strictly off limits. If it is not yours, DO NOT touch it.
  • Band lockers are a privilege. No items other than instruments and music are allowed in the band room lockers. Such items will be removed from the locker and thrown away. All instruments MUST be in a locker when not in use. If a student is found inside a locker, they will be issued an immediate referral.

Strive for Perfection


Band class grades are graded largely on participation; therefore, all rule infractions will result in a point deduction from the daily participation percentage of the grade.

  • Warning-- Warning
  • Strike 1— Loss of participation points for that rehearsal
  • Strike 2—Wait Time after class
  • Strike 3-- Parent phone call or conference/Loss of participation points for that rehearsal
  • Strike 4 Planned discussion


Just as in the workplace, a student cannot get “paid” for hours not worked. Similarly, for unapproved absences and tardies from band events, students will not receive full points. Our goal is to help parents raise future adults, not future dependents. The only problems that ever occur are from ignoring the published calendar, ”accidental scheduling mistakes,” and assuming that your child deserves an exception.

Band members who earn an “A” schedule orthodontist appointments, job interviews, doctor’s appointments, piano lessons, visits to Grandma’s House, birthday parties, babysitting and all other conflicts on non-Band days. This is not an ego trip on the part of the band program, rather students learn very quickly that the performance and image of their band suffers every time a person is missing. As a result they are quickly self-motivated to be on time - always ready and present. If they are upset about a scheduling conflict or being late, believe them! We want today’s teenagers to show they care about something and most members come to value their band a great deal.

The creation of successful children occurs at home. All of our wonderful, talented, smart, and successful band members are a result of their parents. We are thankful for you. Join us in sending a common message to these wonderful young people that “anything worth doing is worth doing right.”


Excused Absence

Except in cases of extreme emergency or illness, band members will not be excused from after school rehearsals or performances.  When such cases do exist, parents are asked to contact the Band Director (email: [email protected]/WLMS (407) 464-3317) as early as possible so that substitutions or modifications can be made.  Requests for an excused absence are available from the Band Director and should be submitted at least 10 school days prior to the intended absence.  Absence requests will be reviewed by the Band Director on an individual basis.  Two or more absences may result in that individual being placed on alternate status. 

Unexcused Absence 

A student receiving an unexcused absence from rehearsal or performance will receive a “0” for that rehearsal/performance grade.  An unexcused absence may result in the student being placed on alternate status.  Students with unexcused absences will NOT be given the opportunity to compensate for the “0” grade.

Tardy to Rehearsal or Performance

Attendance will always be taken at the beginning of all rehearsals. Any person arriving late for a performance should wait until the piece is completed before taking your place on stage.


Students will be graded in the following areas: class participation, attendance and participation at performances and rehearsals, written tests and/or worksheets, and Musicianship.  During the first few weeks of class, beginning band students will be graded mainly on their written work and classroom participation, and as time progresses, more and more emphasis will be placed on performance skills and practice.  Grading will be as follows:

Grading Scale

A = 90+

B = 80 - 89

C = 70 - 79

D = 60 - 69

F = 59 or less

Participation/Preparation 20%

Written Assignments/Homework 20%

Concerts/Rehearsals/Tests 60%



Preparation and Participation

20% of your grade will count for Preparation and Participation (earned by coming to class with all materials, instrument, instrument supplies, music, pencil, and by being prepared to perform).  All students will have performance requirements for each class – this includes level sheets with exercises, etudes, rhythms, scales, or any musical exercise assigned by the director.

Written Assignments

20% of your grade will count for Written Assignments (includes returning parent signature forms, permission slips, and worksheets, assignments, or tests handed out for class or home work)



60% of your grade will count for Concerts/Rehearsals/Tests (all concerts for your class are required – notice is requested two weeks before a concert date if you are aware of a conflict.)


Financial Hardships will never keep students out of band, but effort will

Please contact Mrs. Langford immediately if you need assistance.


Required Band Personal Items

These are items that are either worn or consumed.  These costs are kept to a minimum and most of the items may be reused each year if kept in good condition. Here are the items that may be required of your student.  The items in italics are covered by the Basic Needs Contribution (aka Band Fee).


Band Uniform Shirt = (Required)

Sizes available: Youth M, L, Adult Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2X, 3X


Method Book

Theory Book

Sheet Music


Other Out-of-Pocket Fees

Instrument Loaner fee for loaned instruments = $50 for the school year. 

Standard supplies (reeds, oil, cork grease, etc.) are available from any area music store or Amazon.


FBA Fees for Solo/Ensemble will be set later this year by the FBA.  Students who choose to participate in the S/E Music Assessment are responsible for paying their own fees.

BNC:  Basic Needs Contribution (aka Band Fee):

$50.00 Total Required for Beginning Students in order to participate in band.

$50.00 Total Required for Returning Students that have the required band polo.


This is the name we give for our band fee, which pays for all of our experiences, travel, instructors, new music, the school’s FBA membership, locker rentals, MPA Fees and large equipment. Each year, the average middle school band spends, on average, over $100 per student.  Only a portion of this budget is funded by the school system.

The BNC is the expected amount of contribution that is necessary to cover the program’s expenses and keep our program alive.  Our various fundraisers help to cover the difference between the band fee and the overage needed.


All school-owned instruments must be checked out at the beginning of the year by filling out an OCPS Instrument Rental/Liability Form.  Once issued, the instrument becomes the responsibility of the student for proper care, maintenance, and protection from damage or theft.  The student will be responsible for and charged for any damages or loss incurred to the instrument during the rental period.  Due to the “shared” nature of percussion instruments, all percussionists will share collectively in the responsibility for damage or loss of percussion instruments/equipment. The rental fee is $50.00 for the year.



Band Lockers will be provided for students so they will have a place to safely keep their instrument during the day.  It is expected they will take the instruments home at night to practice.  Any property left in the lockers will not be insured or guaranteed by OCPS.  Lockers will be assigned by the Band Director.


All instruments not being played need to be in a case and in their assigned locker or storage area. School locks will be issued to students.  No personal locks should be used, if found they will be cut off.  Lockers are school property and are subject to be searched at anytime.  Only instruments should be stored in lockers; lockers are not for books or personal belongings.  Stickers, bumper stickers, pictures, posters, etc. are not to be placed in or on the storage areas.  No students should ever be inside instrument storage lockers! 





All in hard cases (no gig bags)

Cleaning Kit/ Maintenance Kit required for wind instruments

Wire Stands, Tuners and Metronomes recommended but optional

Absolutely NO Colored Instruments!

Flute- Gemeinhardt, Yamaha

Oboe- Fox, Yamaha, Renard, Vito

            With med-soft reeds

            Good Quality Handmade Double Reeds available by Stellar Oboe Products at

Bassoon- Good Quality Handmade Double Reeds available at or  

Clarinet- Buffet, Selmer/Bundy, Vito, Yamaha

            Mouthpiece- Hite with Rovner Leather Ligature & Vandoren 2 ½ reeds

            Wood vs. Plastic- Wood gets a warmer sound but is for indoor use only, plastic is more durable and is able to be played outdoors

Saxophones (alto & tenor)- Keilwerth, Buescher, Yahama, Selmer, Vito, Bundy

            Mouthpiece- Hite or Selmer C* with Rovner Leather Ligature & Vandoren 2 ½ reeds & Padded neck strap

Trumpet- Bach, Yamaha, Conn, Besson, Selmer, Blessing

            Mouthpiece- Bach 3C or 5C

Horn- Holton, Yahama, Conn, Bach, Selmer (double preferred if financially possible for student)

            Mouthpiece- Bach 11

Trombone/Euphonium- Yamaha, Bach, Holton, Blessing, Conn

            Mouthpiece- Bach, Blessing, Giardinelli 6 ½ AL Mouthpiece

Tuba- Mouthpiece- Helleberg, Bach 18 or 24 AW

Percussion- Percussionists need their own stick bag with a drum key, at least 3 sizes of sticks, brushes and an assortment of mallets and beaters


New Preferred, Rental Returns OK, please Avoid eBay

High Quality Instruments are a MUST! Avoid inexpensive Band instruments.  They are impossible to play in tune and once something breaks they cannot be repaired.  A used high quality instrument is better than a poorly manufactured brand new one.

Instrument Brands to Avoid:  Jean Paul, First Act, DEG, Novello, Glory, Lazarro, Mendini, Hallelu, Merano, Shoenbach, Bentoni, Tangkula, Andoer, Etude, LJ Hutchen, Queen, Tromba, Hawk, Monel, Barrington, Benson, Tempest, Ammoon, OPUS, Hisonic, Legacy, Moz, Cecilio, Rugeri and any “colored” instruments.  Please contact the director before buying an instrument – even from a music store.  


The value of one-on-one instruction with a professional on a student's instrument cannot be overstated.  Private instruction is key to the advancement of individual skills and integral in achieving students' highest potential.  Students are strongly encouraged to take lessons with a private instructor.  You will increase the rate of improvement and success on your instrument by a substantial margin.  For a list of recommended private instructors, please see Mrs. Langford.



Rules for eligibility in all band functions are set forth by Orange County Schools, Florida Bandmasters Association and the Florida School Music Association.  These rules require that: ALL STUDENTS MAINTAIN AT LEAST A 2.0 UNWEIGHTED GPA EACH 9 WEEKS. Band students who fail to meet this standard at report card time are ineligible for the entire next 9 weeks.  There is no way to become eligible again until report cards are distributed at the start of the next 9 weeks. Progress reports don’t affect eligibility. 

Ineligible Students

During the 9 weeks of ineligibility, the student must:

Participate in class rehearsals to obtain a daily grade. Take all Performance Tests, Participate in performances that occur during the school day and on the Wolf Lake Middle or Apopka High School Campus (this includes the Fall & Spring Concerts).

During the 9 weeks of ineligibility, the student may NOT:

Participate in any after school, evening, or weekend rehearsals, performances or activities involving the band or the jazz band.



The official uniform bottoms of the Wolf Pack Band consists of COMPLETELY BLACK dress pants (no jeans, no shiny fabrics, no spandex, no hip huggers, no shorts, no capri length, no baggies, no bell-bottoms, no leather or leather-like fabric), COMPLETELY BLACK dress socks that cover 4 inches above the ankle and COMPLETELY BLACK closed-toed shoes suitable for marching (no backless, no slides, no high heels, no open toes, no flip flops, no sandals).  It is the band member’s responsibility to obtain the proper black pants, socks and shoes. 

In order for our uniforms to look uniform, it is necessary that the following regulations be observed:

  1. No visible jewelry or excessive make-up
  2. No nail polish (except clear)
  3. Hair must be conservatively styled, tidy and of a natural color (no green, red, blue, etc.).  During outdoor performances, where it might be windy, please use a pony tail or braid hair that is longer than your shirt collar. This applies to ladies and gentlemen.
  4. Suitable shoes must be worn at all times

Band Uniform Top:  polo shirt with the Band logo on it



The band travels for some events.  Some special regulations are necessary for this type of activity.

  1. Chaperones and Band Officers are to be obeyed are treated with respect.
  2. Proper behavior is expected when on a school sponsored trip.  The Orange County Code of Student Conduct will be observed at all times. 
  3. Possession or use of alcohol, tobacco products or narcotics is forbidden.  These matters will be turned over to legal authorities and/or the appropriate school administrator. 
  4. Complete regulation uniform should be worn when in public unless otherwise stated by the Band Director.
  5. Usual bus rules apply.  Conduct of Band Members in public eating places should be subdued, respectful and courteous. 
  6. No PDA (Public Display of Affection) while on band trips or in uniform
  7. All students must travel to and from Band Events on the Band Bus.  Any student who needs to depart from a band event with his/her parent or guardian should submit a request, signed by the parent/guardian to the director at least 3 days before the event.  The parent/guardian must appear in person to pick up the student from the Band Director at the designated place and time. 
  8. Students are responsible for their own equipment, music and instruments; if you don’t load it, it won’t go. 
  9. Students will receive an itinerary of activities and trips and are responsible for knowing departure times. 
  10.  Any illness or injury should be reported to the Head Chaperone and Band Director immediately, no matter how unimportant it may seem at the time. 
  11. Upon arriving at a destination, students should remain seated until instructed to unload by the Chaperone or Band Director.
  12.  Return times are always included on the trip information sheets.  We make every effort to keep to the schedule.  Make arrangements to have a ride waiting for you when we arrive back at school.