Band Welcome Letter

Dear New Band Students and Families,

Welcome to the “Wolf Pack” band program! We are excited about this school year and once again expect great things from our amazing students. We also expect great things and full participation from our amazing parents! In order for this program to reach its goals of helping our pack RUN, we need to get things started quickly. I have attached to this letter information regarding How To Get An Instrument and a Rental Night Opportunity. Please review these documents so that your student is able to participate ASAP. We don’t want anyone to be left out!

During the first few days of school, the beginners will be actively discussing and trying their hands at playing the band instruments during class. We take many things into account when choosing the right instrument for student success. Other things considered are the student’s stature, physical strength, and facial characteristics. Furthermore, we must have all instruments represented within each class. You cannot have a football team without all the positions filled. Likewise, you cannot have a band without all instruments being covered! In the first semester, we start with the following instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, and Tuba. Other instruments such as Oboe and Bassoon are January transition instruments; priority will be given to excelling students on their first instrument.

Percussion is a separate class and requires at least a year of
musical instruction or private lessons.

The school owns most of the larger band instruments (Tuba, Euphonium, and French Horn) in a limited quantity. If your child is assigned one of these to play, I will be sending home an instrument loan agreement form to be filled out, signed, and returned to me. The cost for using a school-owned instrument is $50 per year. Each student will need to provide their own mouthpiece. Following my receiving the completed form and payment, I will issue the instrument to your child. If your child has been assigned any other instrument, you have several options to acquire one for them. Please refer to the How To Get An Instrument info I’ve attached.

To make things easier for you, I have asked “Band Room,” a music company that services the school on a weekly basis, to come to Apopka High School on Thursday, August 24th at 6:00 PM. This should save you the time and energy of running around town to check out who has what to offer. All of the companies have a comparable rent-to-own program. You can also go to their website to process your instrument rental as well.
I highly encourage you to rent the instrument for the first three months to make sure of your child’s aptitude for that instrument before purchasing one. All instruments will be delivered to the school, and then we will pass the instruments out altogether.

During the first couple of weeks of school, we move slowly, and your child may be asked to keep their instrument at school until they are consistently demonstrating correct fundamentals and can transition these at home. Each student is assigned a lock and locker.

Musically yours,

Charles Kelly
It is financially impossible for the school to provide instruments for all students in the WLMS Band Program; however, you have a few options on how to obtain a band instrument:
1. Use a family-owned instrument OR
2. Rent from a local music store/vendor OR
3. Rent for the year from WLMS (limited supplies) for $50.00
* You may also purchase an instrument, but it is recommended to rent in the beginning until you know your student is committed to the instrument.

Option 1: Use a Family Owned Instrument (must be functional)
If you already have an instrument at home, you must bring it to the band director for approval. This is to ensure that you have a good quality instrument and that it is in good working condition. The quality and working order of an instrument will directly affect your success in learning to play. Students are responsible for all maintenance bills for their instruments.

Option 2: Rent from a Local Music Company (highly recommended)
Most students rent to own their instruments from a music company. When you rent an instrument from a music company, all questions regarding the terms of your rental agreement or other services through the music company, must be directed to the company. The director is not responsible for returning any instrument or sending in your rental payments. If an instrument must be returned, you must make arrangements with the company directly. The director is not responsible for any agreement or payment issues with the company. Contact the company if you have questions about the instrument or your rental agreement.

High-quality instruments are a must. Avoid eBay and Amazon. The inexpensive brand instruments are impossible to play in tune and cannot be repaired. A used, high-quality instrument is better than a poorly manufactured one.

Option 3: Rent from WLMS (limited supply)
The Instrument Rental Fee is $50.00 per school year; rental over the summer is also available. Some school-owned instruments (inventory limited), including woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments, are available for student use. To rent a school instrument, the $50 nonrefundable rental fee and the School Instrument Check Out Form must be turned in to the band director. The fee covers “normal wear and tear,” but the student’s parent is financially responsible for loss or any damages incurred during the rental period that is not considered “normal wear and tear.” The director has the right to void the rental agreement if excessive damage or misuse of the instrument occurs during the school year. Not all instruments are available; those available to be rented are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Families with financial hardships or more than one child in the band program needing to rent a school instrument may work out an arrangement with the band director on a case-by-case basis. Each student is required to purchase their own mouthpiece.


Jean-Paul, First Act, DEG, Novello, Glory, Lazarro, Mendini, Hallelu, Merano, Shoenbach, Benton, Tangkula, Andoer, Etude, LJ Hutchen, Queen, Tromba, Hawk, Monel, Barrington, Benson, Tempest, Ammoon, OPUS, Hisonic, Legacy, Moz, Cecilio, Rugeri and any “colored” instruments.

Please contact Mr. Kelly before buying an instrument - even from a music store.

To ensure that your student is set up for success, come to the Band Room Instrument Rental Night!

Band Room Instrument Rental Night Information

When is the event?
Thursday, August 24th at 6:00 PM

Where is the event?
Apopka High School Auditorium

What am I doing?
You will be able to talk to a Band Room Representative about renting the instrument that your student will be playing throughout the school year.

What if I can’t make it in person?
You can rent the instrument online at Band Room. Students will find out what instrument to rent by no later than Monday, August 21st.

Why is this important?
This will ensure that your student gets all of the correct materials for their band class.