Chorus Handbook

Contact Information Welcome to the Performing Arts Department!
Ms. Norville
[email protected]
(407) 464-3317 ext.5292208

What to Expect


  • A safe and supportive environment
  • A place to grow in your sense of musical identity A culture of traditions, values and shared successes
  • A classroom environment where you are safe to grow in your musical skills
  • Transfer and Flow


In Chorus your students will be learning a variety of skills that meet the county, state, and national standards for music education. It is important that all students have a basic understanding of music on an academic level.

Students will learn to:

  • sing with confidence as a group member and small groups
  • sing using appropriate, healthy vocal habits
  • read music with independence and confidence
  • demonstrate knowledge of music as a written language by reading and writing music
  • learn about music theory and history
  • perform music in a variety of styles, including classical, 20th century, gospel, pop, and jazz as well as world music
  • perform music in a variety of languages


In addition to being an academic course Choir is also performance based. This year we will attempt to have a concert in the Spring. There will be no Face to face concerts in the Fall Semester. We may attempt a YouTube performance in December. Solo and Ensemble, All-state, and All-county have all been tentatively delayed to the Spring semester. These auditioned events are for students that wish to go above and beyond the standard curriculum.

Uniforms and Chorus Fees

*** School Pay only***
Class fees are due by September 11th

Due to the reduced opportunities and performances we will charge one class fee for all students of $35.

This will help cover the cost of theory books, a t-shirt, and music throughout the year.
This year we will not hand out uniforms. If a performance is possible, students will wear black dress pants, black flat shoes, and their chorus t-shirt. Shoes and pants should be purchased individually by the student. T-shirts will be provided by the chorus department.

***No student will be denied participation in chorus should cost present a financial hardship. If this is the case, please contact Ms. Norville. Please note that all information is confidential.

Materials needed for class

Notebook Paper
Staff Paper- Find on Google Images and print
Color pencils- Primary colors only Mechanical Pencils
Three Folder Dividers

How do I earn my grade in Chorus?

We will be following the 60% Summative and 40% participation that the entire school follows this year. Students are not graded on talent, but participation! If we have a performance in Spring it will be graded. We will get out information about it as soon as we possibly can get accurate information.

Rehearsal Participation & Contribution

Students that are face to face will have the same rehearsal expectations as previous years.

Points can be deducted for each occurrence of the following:
Tardiness Talking when inappropriate Chewing gum
Not singing Not participating Lack of focus
Disrespectful attitude Poor posture Missing music
Causing distractions And other things at the discretion of the director

Students that are online will be expected to follow rehearsal at home and participate along with the class. Online students will also fill out a weekly participation log and submit it on canvas for their participation grade.

Please make sure online students are:
In school appropriate clothing Have a school appropriate learning area (No laying in bed while in class)
Eat before or after class Have a water bottle with you if needed
Mute and unmute mics at appropriate times Enter class with the webcam on

Performance, Attendance, and Contribution

Performances this year will be TBA. We expect to have a performance in Sing face to face. We may have a virtual performance in December. All information will be sent out in as timely manner as possible.

Reasons why attendance at performances are important
The student will see the ultimate result of their months of hard work.
The student will create a memorable experience that can last a lifetime.
Each student is vital to the performance. There are NO substitutes.
Although the process of how we get to performance is most important, the performance is a significant assessment for both the student and director.
Missing a performance negatively affects not only the individual, but the entire group.
Performing is incredibly fun!!

Absence from performance
Performances are a large part of the student's chorus grade. Any absence which is not brought to the Director's attention for approval two weeks prior to the performance will be considered unexcused. Unexcused absences from performances result in a zero for that grade. Students who have an excused absence from a performance may make up that part of their grade by completing a project agreed upon by the director. If you anticipate an unavoidable absence from a performance this year, please submit a written request to the director for approval right away. Any excuse given within two weeks of a performance (with the exception of emergencies) will be considered unexcused. In the case of an emergency, parents should call the chorus office at 407-464-3317 ext 5292208.

Extra Credit
Students can earn extra credit for attending ANY performing arts event on or off our campus. Just bring in the program and briefly tell me about your experience!

Classroom Responsibilities and Expectations

Call or email if you are going to be absent.
Let Ms. Norville know well in advance about any schedule conflicts.
If you would like some extra help, just ask.
Attend all Rehearsals and Performances
Be at all rehearsals and performances on time; be present and ready to sing!
Being absent from a rehearsal or performance affects the entire team. When even one member of a performing ensemble is gone the total musical experience is diminished for all. Attendance at rehearsals is essential. Attendance at all scheduled performances and concerts is mandatory. If you have conflicts because you are incredibly well rounded and involved in multiple school activities, please let me know as soon as you recognize a schedule conflict.
Respect Property and Each Other
Each student deserves a safe environment with a culture of support and trust.
Respect the space and the amazing equipment we have been given.
Candy, food, gum, and drinks are not permitted in the chorus room, practice/ensemble rooms, or Auditorium
Do not fold, tear, or damage music. You are encouraged to create musical markings in your music, however, always use pencil, not ink!
Respect the right of others to learn, and the teacher to teach by not causing an interruption to the rehearsal.
Be positive and willing to help your chorus family members.
Create a culture of safety and empowerment.
We are an Ensemble that must work together to achieve our goals.
Execute Rehearsal Procedures
Be in your seat, prepared and ready to make music when the bell rings.
Have your music folder and a pencil with you at every rehearsal.
Always sit in your correct seat for voicing purposes.
Cell phones should be turned OFF and put away in the chorus room during rehearsal.
Be in the moment and enjoy your music making!
Have a willing attitude, everyone can learn to sing, but it will take time and individual effort. Always come to class ready to be better than the day before and support your classmates in their learning process.