English Language Arts (ELA)

English Language Arts (ELA)


Wolf Lake Middle School English Language Arts Department is pleased to welcome you to Wolf Lake Middle School. At Wolf Lake, we believe every student has the ability to succeed which directly aligns with Orange County Public Schools’ vision to be the top producer of successful students in the nation. In order to accomplish this, every student must receive high quality and rigorous instruction as we strive to improve our reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Wolf Lake Middle School follows the district guidelines for our order of instruction in Language Arts which correlates to the Language Arts Standards for Florida (LAFS). These standards are rigorous and require a solid home-school connection to ensure that every student is successful. Another key component is to follow the Wolf Lake guidelines for success: Participation, Achievement, Cooperation and Kindness. Please contact any of our team members with questions or concerns:

6th Grade:

Brent Wiggins: Ext. 5294910

Sydney Perez Ext:  5294909

Kelly Gonzalez Ext: 5294818

Mechelle Champion Ext: 5294913


7th Grade:

Kelly Gonzalez: Ext. 5294818

Jamie Harman: Ext. 5294819

Kristy Price: Ext. 5294820

Elizabeth Cox: Ext. 5294821

8th Grade:

Crystal Kelly: Ext. 5294621

Josue Cedano: Ext. 5294619

Brittney Lewis: Ext. 5294618

Courtney Karins: Ext. 5294820