Wolf Lake Middle School Science Department

At WLMS, we are committed to helping each student achieve academic success in science.

Here is what students can expect from each grade level:
6th grade students in Comprehensive Science I during quarter one begin with Nature of Science which focuses on how to plan, predict, perform, analyze data, and draw conclusions on a variety of experiments. Later, students concentrate on a variety of science topics from Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science. This is the foundation of many disciplines of science and engineering and will be useful as your student progresses through Wolf Lake Middle School and on to high school.

7th grade students are reintroduced to Nature of Science and then will quickly delve into Earth/Space science by measuring the universe (not an easy task!), and taking a closer look at the solar system and stars. After traveling through space topics, it is back down to Earth covering such topics as the layers, plate tectonics, geological time, and currents. As spring rolls into summer, students finish the year with weather systems and climate change.

8th grade is a look into Physical science studying forces, motion/speed, and kinetic and potential energy, energy conservation, thermal energy, waves, and the electromagnetic spectrum. After energy, students are led through concepts of changes and properties of matter. Winding up, chemistry will be highlighted with an introduction to the periodic table, elements, compounds and mixtures. Lastly, students will review concepts from 6th and 7th grade for preparation of the Statewide Science Assessment.

Each student uses Science Fusion for their curriculum resources. Although students have access to workbooks in the classroom, their curriculum is available online through Using the HMH – ThinkCentral App your student has all of their resources available anywhere internet is available.

Physical Science Honors starts the year practicing how to solve scientific problems using reliable methods and quickly transition to motion, Newton’s Laws, and momentum. Second quarter kicks off with gravitational force, work/power, electricity, and ends with thermodynamics. Later chemistry will begin with the structure of the atom, then on to reactions, gasses, and chemistry of our world.

All 8th grade students will take their course common final exam (CFE) and the Statewide Science Assessment (SSA) at the end of the year.
On behalf of the science department, we would like to say thank you for the opportunity to share these concepts with your student while here at Wolf Lake Middle School. Our goal is to create the next generation of leaders and professionals!

WLMS Science Department