Social Studies

Greetings from the Wolf Lake Middle School Social Studies Department

We are VERY excited about beginning a new school year with the students and parents of Wolf Lake Middle School. We are bringing energy, enthusiasm, and experience to our students and to the Social Studies curriculum. Students will participate in interactive, hands-on activities that involve and develop students’ knowledge and abilities. Students will be challenged and encouraged to work to their highest potential.

  • The Sixth Grade course, World History: Africa, Asia, and Oceania, covers the continents of Africa, Asia, and Australia. The content explores geography, culture, history, and the Civic Core (i.e., a study of American society and politics, and other people’s ideas and lives, both past and present, that have influenced the development of the American democracy).
  • The Seventh Grade course, Civics, is designed to educate students about the principles, functions and organization of government.  Beginning with the roles, rights, responsibilities of United States citizens, moving on to the origins and organizations of the American political system, and methods of active participation in our republic. 
  • The Eighth Grade course, United States History, cover the time period of 1607 to 1880, starting with European Settlements of North America and concluding with Reconstruction of the United States after the Civil War. The last six weeks of school are reserved to address topics in United States History since 1880.

We encourage parent involvement in the Social Studies curriculum. There will be information in the future that will provide you with strategies on ways to help your son or daughter increase their Social Studies knowledge and skills at home. We also invite you to visit your child’s class during Open House and be a chaperone on field trips as they occur during the school year. Please feel free to contact teachers via student planner, email, or telephone if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

Mrs. McKinney-Battle
Department Chair