Welcome to Reading at WLMS

The Six Components of Reading
Oral Language
Phonemic Awareness

School and Team Expectations

All students will follow:
P– Participate
A– Achievement
C– Cooperation
K– Kindness


Read 180
In Double Period Intensive Reading, we will be using the research-based Read 180 Curriculum as we address the main areas of reading: decoding, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Students will begin at the appropriate level and work through various skill levels at their own pace. The curriculum is partially computer based making regular attendance and participation essential. Students will receive guided and independent practice targeted to his/her specific needs in reading.

System 44
A research and technology based intervention program designed for middle school students who need assistance in developing the most basic of reading skills, phonemic awareness and phonics. Students are placed in System 44 based on the SRI Assessment.

Achieve 3000 / TeenBiz
In Single Period Intensive Reading, we will be using a scientifically proven program that differentiates literacy solutions for grades 6-8 that reaches every student at his or her individualized Lexile®/reading level. Importantly, TeenBiz closely aligns with the objectives of the Florida Standards to steadily increase students' ability to read, comprehend, apply and communicate information derived from complex text; prerequisites to succeed on the standards and prepare for college and career.

Reading Counts
An incentive based program, Reading Counts motivates students to read continuously throughout the year. This provides the practice critical to improving student reading skills. All students are expected to participate.

Student progress will be monitored continuously through various forms of assessments including, but not limited to:

Chapter & Unit Tests
Writing Samples
Computer-Based Assessments
Student Response Systems
OCPS Benchmark Exams
Scholastic Reading Inventory
FSA (Florida Standard Assessment)

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