Canvas For Parents

In the past, there were too many systems to check and no easy way for parents to view student assignments, homework assignments, events and calendars.  We heard you.  To address this, OCPS has adopted a single Learning Management System, Canvas.  In Canvas, parents are observers of their student’s school lives.  They have easy access to view the calendar, assignments, grades/feedback for work completed in Canvas and messages sent between students in Canvas.


Parents can login to Canvas using the steps below to connect their Parent Login to their student. Parents have one username/password for each student.

First students need to:
1. Login to Canvas at
2. Click on "Account" in the upper left hand corner.
3. Click "Settings".
4. Click on "Pair with Observer" and write down the Student Pairing Code that is given.

Then parents need to:
5. Go to and click on "Parent".
6. Click on "Click Here For an Account" in the upper left hand corner.
7. Complete the information requested (included the Student Pairing Code from step #4).

You should now have access to view your student's Canvas courses via

Additional information can be found at